Tree-Hugger (Standard)

Sizes: 750mm inner ⌀ | 1400mm outer ⌀
Colour: Charcoal Grey

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Maintenance-free & Weatherproof

There is no need to varnish, paint or do any upkeep on your furniture and our products can withstand the elements.

No corrosion, splintering, mould or rust

Our products are guaranteed to have a long lifespan and keep their structural integrity much longer than wood or ordinary plastic.

Unaffected by invasive insects

Recycled plastic is unaffected by harmful insects such as termites and ants that often destroy wooden furniture.

Our Tree Hugger protects your tree and provides ample shaded seating. Our standard version has a 750mm inner and 1400mm outer diameter but can be customised to fit the specific size of your tree. Our 100% recycled plastic material is completely maintenance-free, weatherproof and will not corrode, splinter, mould or rust due to environmental exposure.

Bench Height:

Bench Width:

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