Locally Sourced, Proudly Made & Environmentally Friendly.

At Evergreen Global Structures, we manufacture high-quality 100% recycled plastic outdoor furniture. 

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100% Recycled Plastic

By manufacturing recycled plastic outdoor furniture, we aim to reduce plastic pollution.

Unbeatable Quality

Maintenance-free, weatherproof, insectproof and durable—our products will stand the test of time!

Affordable Prices

We provide an extensive range of outdoor products at prices that you can afford.

Excellent Workmanship

Our passionate and dedicated team puts a lot of effort and care into everything we do.

The EGS Difference

Evergreen Global Structures manufactures high-quality outdoor furniture, decking, fencing and custom-made products from locally sourced 100% recycled plastic.
Our products are proudly made by our dedicated team in Cape Town and shipped nationwide.
Why Choose Us

Making furniture from the heart

Evergreen Global Structures provides maintenance-free, eco-friendly and durable products at prices that you can afford. 
We tailor solutions based on your needs and constantly innovate and create new recycled plastic outdoor furniture guaranteed to stand the test of time!
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Why Recycled Furniture is Better

Maintenance-free: there is no need for you to varnish, paint or do any upkeep on your furniture.

Weatherproof: recycled plastic furniture can withstand the elements, making them ideal for heat, cold, rain, wind and everything in between.

No corrosion, splintering, mould or rust: guaranteeing a much longer lifespan.

Unaffected by termites and other invasive insects: maintaining the quality of the product much longer than wood.

Durable: products made from recycled plastic keep their structural integrity much longer than those made from wood or ordinary plastic.

Reduces deforestation and pollution: by investing in recycled plastic furniture, you can help us preserve the environment and assist in cleaning up our beautiful planet.

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“The benches are built to last and they really do stand up to all weather conditions and maintain their shape. Very good quality workmanship.”

– John Harrison

“Good outdoor furniture is the most fundamentally satisfying of all and even better knowing it’s coming from recycled materials.”

– James Duncan